Ashley Shaw / Studio finals

My session with Ashley Shaw went flawlessly.  Here are the studio finals!  I used some unusual editing techniques for this one to give it that dreamy edge, creating some contrast between the darker composition and styling. Thanks to: Xander Jenkins – Hair  //  Bethany Rose – MUA  //  Ashley Shaw – Model  //  Sean Snow – assistant

May, in a very quick review

  • May was the last month of my classes – or more-so work term placements- and I spent the month going back and fourth between Moncton and Halifax.
  • I met a lot of pouchies this month, but only have 2 instas of them. The first one is Shadow, a fellow photographer’s black lab fur-baby. The second is Juno, my work term placement’s precious husky puppy.
  • My mom ran, and I photographed, the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax.
  • I did a few cool shoots with stunning redhead model, Ashley Shaw.
  • Me and fellow classmates are preparing for our big gallery expo in July, framing and hanging our 20″ prints!
  • And last but not least – I moved home. Sad and Happy about that, at the same time.

Still motion: A photo series

Still motion: A photo series. I’ve been working on these photos for a while, and they are finally starting to add up. The idea was to capture the still expressions and calm body language that occur in between sporadic movements. The models were asked to mimic a particular motion, like moving from one stance to another, or jumping and twisting their bodies in a specific way. So far, I’ve worked with 4 models (Aleshia st Cyr, Ka Corbeau, Carl Mopoho & Bre Bagnell), and they’ve all been wonderful and patient throughout the sessions, which can sometimes get a bit exhausting.  The project is on hold for a little while as I move on to expand my commercial portfolio, but stay tuned for more soon!