Inside an Hourglass

For my final project, I took the time to make a photomanip of myself in an hourglass! It took quite a while, and you can see the process on my last post.



Inside an Hourglass – Speed Retouch

Photo-manipulation self-portrait time-lapse retouch. For my final project at art school, I decided to go with what I know best, photoshop! Our graduation theme is “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” and I thought an hourglass would capture the ‘time’ theme!

Wearer of many hats

I was excited to finally set up a studio space in the corner of the apartment. I snapped a few quick pictures of me and some objects I use on the daily, and this was the strange, but kind of cool, result. I was inspired by the American Ultra posters, and did not intend for this to be representative of anything religious. I didn’t really plot it out, but now I’ve decided that there are 6 symbolic references in this photo. Colored pencils (art), harmonica (music), journal (writing, expression), camera (work), pipe (leisure), Pippin (love, family) and the Temperence Tarot card (balance and will-power). I also added a moon because, well I’m just more of a moon person.