My photography is on Facebook

Hip hip horray! You can follow my photographic adventures from the comfort of your own cozy FB timeline once again. Check my work out by clicking this link (or the photo below). Make sure to hit like if you enjoy my work! 12246794_1506783479618789_8420692492531058298_n


Ashley Shaw / Studio finals

My session with Ashley Shaw went flawlessly.  Here are the studio finals!  I used some unusual editing techniques for this one to give it that dreamy edge, creating some contrast between the darker composition and styling. Thanks to: Xander Jenkins – Hair  //  Bethany Rose – MUA  //  Ashley Shaw – Model  //  Sean Snow – assistant

An afternoon with Molly

I have been working with Trevor Allen, who is an incredibly talented photographer in the Fall River area, during my work-term segment of school. He set up a shoot for me in his studio (we wandered outside eventually lol), with the (beautiful) daughter of one of his friends. I was able to get creative and do my own thing for the afternoon – it was a blast. Molly is the stunning little lady in these photos. Isn’t her hair just dreamy?