Future Forest 2017

A few photos from Future Forest 2017, where I had the privilege of making a few paintings and setting up a black-light art installation!


A Florentine Museum

My neck was sore from walking around, gawking at the ceiling art. And my eyes were tired from squinting and adjusting to the tiny intricate details and then huge murals stretching from floor to ceiling. Everywhere that you look, the art, history and beauty fills your head. I only wish I could have stayed in Italy for a while longer to let it all sink in.Ren-museum-florence-2

Iphone Art | July 26th

I’ve been using a few fun apps to combine my photography and iphone pics with geometric designs and edits! It’s a lot of fun! I’ve been using PhotoCandy for the geometric elements and Fragment for creating really cool abstract images. Check it out! You can get PhotoCandy App, and Fragment here. The possibilities are endless!