Sketch turned tattoo

It’s a very cool feeling to have my art made permanent! Taylor Wilson is the amazing canvas and @jaredmeltattoo is the tattoo artist. Thanks guys 🙂 Turned out great!



My Top 5 European Food Adventures

Pesto Pasta in Venice
This pasta blew my actual mind. We like to think our American-style Italian food is pretty spot-on, but not one Italian that I met on my travels knew what “Alfredo” pasta was.  So I tried an authentic Italian dish, cooked with the absolute minimum ingredients; just oils, pesto and spices. Simple and delicious. Tip: Even better with an italian Bellini, a drink based with Prosecco sparkling wine and peach nectar, which originated in Venice as well!


Magnum Ice Cream Bar in Holland
Magnum Ice Cream is available at any convenience store in Canada, with a big price tag. The price tag isn’t any smaller in Holland, but the options are infinite! You pick your ice cream, you pick your coating, you pick your toppings! Whole strawberries, fudge drizzle, peanut butter. Anything!  It’s the magnum version of make-your-own fro yo. An amazing treat that you will definitely regret passing up.

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I’m finally back in Halifax

I’m finally home in Canada. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve been living with Sean in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It’s beautiful here, and right on lake Charles. On one of our first nights, we went on down to the dock and played with Sean’s LED Poi, jammed some guitar and took some photos! Here’s one of the shots from our first week in Dartmouth. I really missed Halifax!10406705_512839852216307_6330917642811181806_n

ADHD and anxiety: you are perfect

Warning, we’re going to get real deep here, lol!

I have been traveling Europe on my own for a while. I think I was hoping to find a little independence, that maybe I would overcome some of my anxieties and fears, and learn about myself; but instead I learned about the way of the world around me. The ebb and flow of fortune and misfortune, and the absolute randomness of life events and the absence of any control we have over them.


I will always have a difficult time with faces and names. I’ll never have a truly good memory. I will always be inattentive and disorganized. I will lose my things. But after all, they are just things. I will miss trains and get lost in unfamiliar places. But I will always find my way again. 

I will probably be ashamed from time to time. I will be a burden to others on occasion. But I have learned that everyone has traits that others will find difficult. No one is perfect in any sense. People who don’t enjoy my company do not deserve it after all. 

It is not karma or bad luck or some silly curse of misfortune, it is an imbalance in my mind, therefore I am the way I am.  I will always be this way. And so I am forced to accept this. And I am certain that confidence and independence will follow shortly after. 

If you live with memory loss, an inattentive disorder, social anxiety, or adhd, know that you are not alone. The world will not end by your mistakes, you will continue on, and you mustn’t linger on your misfortunes once they have occurred. Nothing good will ever come of it. You can cry. You can break down, but then you gather yourself and stand up again, for no one can change the past. Sometimes people will not understand why you are the way that you are, and that is ok. You do not always understand others either. But you do not need approval from anyone. 

Do what makes you as happy as you can be. If that requires taking medication, or learning to cope in your own ways, then that is what you should do. Do not let others tell you otherwise. but do not seek a cure. For none exist. You are perfect the way you are. You don’t require validation from others, your own happiness is what defines you. Speak to someone, share your feelings. Find someone who understands you and can remind you that you will be alright. 

Smile everyday, sing even if you don’t know the words, dance, laugh at yourself, tell yourself you are beautiful everyday, you will believe it eventually, travel, try new things, fall in love, do things that scare you. Be true to yourself, and be kind to everyone you meet, as everyone has their own story. Remember that your fear is full of shit. You are stronger and braver than you could ever know. Accept who you are, you are the only you, amongst billions. You will always find your way.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars. No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should” – desiderata

Why you should be using Firefox

#FOXYEAH is really starting to inspire me. So I’m posting about this amazing, beautiful, open-source, non profit browser and hoping to inspire some of you beautiful bloggers to convert. I’ll make my case, but have a look at #FOXYEAH to see what others have to say about their favorite browser! Let’s save this browser together!

#1 reason: Firefox answers to its millions of users, not shareholders.

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Well I guess I did it!

So as some of you know, I’ve been a photography student in Dartmouth for a couple years at the NSCC. Without a doubt, it’s been the best 2 years of my life. I’ve met the most beautiful people and learned so much. I made the closest friends, learned from the most inspiring instructors and took some really amazing photos over the course of my time in Nova Scotia. I have to say, I’m really sad to go. It’s a scary thing to graduate and go out in the world, but it’s also scary to leave a place that you’ve called ‘home’ for two years. It’s going to be a big adjustment, but I can’t wait to see where I end up!

Congratulations NSCC class of 2014, we did it!

Molly in the studio

Here is another shot of Molly from our shoot the other day. As you can see, we didn’t spend the whole day outside. We actually spent a lot of time inside the studio, playing around with some creative lighting. I have absolutely fallen in love with this shot in particular, because of the emotion that her expression evokes in this image. It’s hard to believe she is so young!


An afternoon with Molly

I have been working with Trevor Allen, who is an incredibly talented photographer in the Fall River area, during my work-term segment of school. He set up a shoot for me in his studio (we wandered outside eventually lol), with the (beautiful) daughter of one of his friends. I was able to get creative and do my own thing for the afternoon – it was a blast. Molly is the stunning little lady in these photos. Isn’t her hair just dreamy?