Snapshots from Germany

I’m taking my time with the real photography, but I’ll start posting the good stuff soon. 
Berlin was a beautiful clash between new and old, since the city was basically flattened at one point, many things were rebuilt to look old, and some things were rebuilt to look modern and funky. The constant contrast was actually really nice, save the fact that there is still  so much construction that you can’t get a photo without a crane or construction worker in the frame.

We arrived in Berlin, Germany, in the evening and we took it pretty easy and went to a billiards hall behind the hostel. After a round of pool and beer, Me and a few friends decided to go for a little stroll through the neighbourhood. We had a beer from an underground-ish market area around the Suicide Circus club.
The next day in Berlin, we went on a cool walking tour which showed us the actual remains of the Berlin Wall, we saw a lot of cool historical sights, including the college where many famous people studied (my personal favourite, the brother’s grim). I truly enjoyed the abstract holocaust memorial, it was a deeply sobering experience and I definitely suggest that you take the time to walk through it, alone, if ever you find yourself in Germany. We ended the walk directly over the bunker in which hitler killed himself. Which was now a dirt parking lot in front of an apartment complex. Almost as if the whole thing was swept under the rug. We learned that the germans have a very difficult history, one that they are not allowed to be proud of. And it was nice to see their side of the story in regards to both tragic events that occurred in their country.
Munich was our last stop in Germany, beautiful and warm, it had a very different vibe from Berlin. We didn’t intend to do to much sightseeing here, just relaxed and enjoyed the architecture. We made it just in time to see the “famed” glockenspiel dance, which I must admit, was pretty unremarkable. We visited a few sights along the way, but haufbrauhaus beer garden was definitely the best!
The beer garden was originally established 400 years ago, when beer was considered a fundamental part of each family’s diet. We learned a German drinking song, had very big steins of beer while watching the servers dance to traditional german music in their dirndl dresses and lederhosen. We had a couple huge beers In steins. I completely understand why they are the hosts of Octoberfest each year. They take their drinking very seriously.
It was lovely to see the darker and lighter parts of german history, and I learned a lot more about this country than I had intended to. I had no idea how beautiful these German cities would be, and I was delightfully surprised by it all. I do, however, suggest doing a tour of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp if you find yourself in Berlin. I do regret not visiting it after hearing the great experiences of other travellers who did.

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