10 countries later and I’m feeling blessed

I was pretty silly to think I’d be finding time to edit photos and post on my blog while traveling. I lost my camera adapter on the first day, and have barely had enough wifi to send a few emails, let alone update on WordPress. But here I am, sitting on a bus to Cashel, Ireland, with a quick update.

It’s been 22 days on the road now. I’ve hit 10 countries throughout Europe and I’m feeling truly blessed to have taken in all of these experiences, sights and history along the way. It feels as though I’ve shot through most of my bucket list, without having time to take a breath.

I indulged in the lovely Amsterdam cafes, walked above the bunker where Hitler died, touched the remains of the Berlin Wall, I sat on the streets of old town Prague listening to street performers while eating a proper Czech crepe. I got a tattoo across the world, I drank a stein at a four-hundred-year-old beer garden at Haufbrauhaus in Munich. I ate a mouthwatering pesto pasta in Venice while watching the gondolas float through the canals. I walked through the coliseum, the pantheon and visited a stunning Renaissance gallery in the old Medici house in Rome. Felt small beneath the Sistine chapel. Saw the pieta and the David. Walked the churches and gawked at art in the Vatican City. I ate proper Italian pizza on the streets of Florence, whilst being serenaded by talented Italian musicians. I took my shirt off at the top of one of the tallest mountains in the Swiss alps. Drank a beer under a waterfall above our Swiss chalet. Drank a bottle of (illegal) champaign under the Eiffel Tower light show in Paris. Kissed an Aussie. Visited the louvre. Conversed with locals in real authentic French. Drank a (few) Guinness in Dublin. Saw the great giants causeway, walked the carrek-a-rede rope bridge, and took in the beauty of Dunluce castle of Northern Ireland. Made new friends in each city. Got lost in each city. Found my way again. I cried at the beauty of it all, and laughed at my own misfortune. I found out more about myself, the world, and others, than I knew was possible.

And it’s not done yet : )


2 thoughts on “10 countries later and I’m feeling blessed

  1. Brent September 11, 2015 / 4:15 am

    That was beautiful Shannon!!!

    • ShannonSabra September 11, 2015 / 7:18 pm

      Thanks πŸ™‚ it’s been beautiful!

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