How to edit SLR photos on an iPad


I’ve been looking into possible ways that I can edit (and share) some photography during my upcoming trip. I have found that the hard part is unloading, editing and storing the photos on the go. People want to keep their valuables to a minimum when backpacking, so it’s unlikely you’ll be bringing a computer along. I have been gearing up and attempting to plan my workflow ahead of time. I’ve come to find a near perfect solution Β – iPad mini!

Invest in a lightning to SD adapter

This will allow you to plug your memory card directly into your iPad. Once plugged in, photos will automatically open the “import” screen. From here, you can quickly select your photos and you can choose to delete or keep the rest. This process is so quick and seamless thanks to apple πŸ™‚

Choose an editing program

Now you have photos on your iPad – yay! Now depending on whether or not you shoot RAW or JPEG, you may want to get a raw file converter app like Β PhotoRAW life app. Apps like Lightroom, Photoshop express and Snapseed app are my personal favorites. These apps all support opening RAW files, which is great- but there’s a catch. Β .. Many of these apps will edit and export a JPEG copy of your image, so you’ll lose some of the photo information once you begin editing.

Lightroom and Photoshop are the industry standards for desktop editing, but when it comes to editing on the go, Snapseed gets my vote. It has all the minor adjustments like exposure and contrast, but you can also work with local brush adjustments, tone curves, and Tilt shift blurring.

I edited the photos in my last post on my iPad! Check them out πŸ™‚ happy traveling!