Why you should be using Firefox

#FOXYEAH is really starting to inspire me. So I’m posting about this amazing, beautiful, open-source, non profit browser and hoping to inspire some of you beautiful bloggers to convert. I’ll make my case, but have a look at #FOXYEAH to see what others have to say about their favorite browser! Let’s save this browser together!

#1 reason: Firefox answers to its millions of users, not shareholders.

Well let’s be honest, internet explorer just plain sucks. And so the competition for the best browser is between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I just want to start by saying I have nothing against Google as a company, a search engine, a software, etc. In fact, they are probably the best at what they do – Except being a browser.


Chrome and Firefox both offer their own version of private browsing. Google’s incognito mode is private in the sense that your history and information is not being tracked. However, information is still being pulled from your browser’s public cache: From a web developer standpoint, this is bad for testing usability and functionality of new sites.

Your personal privacy is also kept sacred by Firefox. Where Google chrome will share your information with any connecting websites, Firefox will only share information with the website that you are on at that moment.

In simple terms:
When you go to a website on Google Chrome, there could be 250 connecting websites collecting information and tracking your behavior. With Firefox, it’s only one.


Just have a look at my browser’s minimalistic style:

Firefox browserThis is a super minimal, clean-cut browser theme. It doesn’t slow anything down to have a beautiful browser. And the options are limitless.
Compared to Google’s outdated bubbly-style toolbar, I think Firefox is the clear winner. When you are editing photos, designing websites, etc, you want a beautiful frame for your work.

Firefox Hello

This tool is so convenient that it actually doesn’t quite make sense to me. See that little message bubble icon in my screenshot above? That’s the “hello” icon. Press this button and you’ll receive a URL link. You can share this link with anyone, whether or not they have Firefox, and they are immeditaley connected in a video conversation. It’s faster than skype, completely free and so so so much easier to use that gmail’s messaging system.

Those are my main points but seriously, save this browser and check out #foxyeah on social media and at https://foxyeah.mozilla.org