As some of you may already know, my little hometown made international headlines this week, in a very sad way. On Wednesday evening and for the 30 hours following, a 24 year old man walked through our city, terrorizing our community and committing first degree murder against our law enforcement.

3 cops were killed, several more were injured. The city was put into a lockdown state until the man was apprehended. It is with a heavy heart that I thank our RCMP for everything they’ve done to protect our community from this man. And my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were lost, defending our city.

Moncton is a beautiful, tight-knit community who prides itself in it’s low crime rate. In fact, in 2012 there was not a single account of homocide in Moncton. This is why the incident came as such a shock. Thankfully, because of our strong community and the beautiful people within it, we will rise above this terrible incident. Resurgo Moncton.

Pray for those lost, Pray for Moncton.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/06/06/moncton-rcmp-shooting-vigil-photos_n_5463462.html